The Mark of Ignis: Update/Sneak-Peek

So a quick update on my Book, “The Mark of Ignis” (Which should have come out on the 23d ) Originally everything looked good to go and the path was clear ahead when I set that date, but then I started having some problems on the backend of things. It appears that I am getting …

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The Joy of Writing

  What is it to write? What is it to spend hours, upon days, upon months, upon years recording information once deemed useful or thought provoking. In 100 years, will what you write have any value at all? And if so, then which pieces will be beloved and which pieces will be forgotten. Moreover, what …

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An Open Letter, “Dear Writers”

Dear Writers, You are the dreamers, the thinkers, and the recorders of history. It is up to you to speak with grand articulation and not to let even the most mundane of topics deter you from writing material worth reading. In this day, where millions upon millions of written memos can be called on at …

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