Glaring At The Horrid Sight of A Blank Page

Being a writer can be quite a lot of fun. You get to sit at a desk and pour your heart and soul into stories that inspire people. You get to imagine what a different world would be like, and you get to be the guild that leads others on grand adventures. It’s such a... Continue Reading →


Writing Inspiration 012~Watch Your Tongue

Alright, You're a busy person, I'm a busy person, let's make this a quick tip/inspiration. How you speak will reflect how you write. After all, they are both ways that you express your words, only one is verbal and one is written. So, if you want to spice up your stories, try throwing in a... Continue Reading →

Free Scrivener Alternatives

Hello fellow writers,
I’ve often wondered what the alternatives to Scrivener were and, well, if they were any good. Everyone is always telling me how it is the best out there, but I’ve personally always used MS word and I’m hesitant to switch.
Here’s a great post on Scrivener and how other writing programs hold up to it. I hope you enjoy it.

The CCrawfordWriting Blog: Tips for Writers

I recently tried out Scrivener, after hearing about it over and over again from multiple professional writers.  While there were things about the program I loved, it was a little difficult to master, and it also lacked some functionalities I wished it had.  Plus, it costs $40, and though I was using the free 30-day trial, I wasn’t yet convinced that it would meet my needs enough to purchase it.   I wanted to see what else was out there.

So… I looked.

And I found a lot of options.

So, I dug deeper.  I spent many hours testing out multiple programs, mostly free, and comparing their features to Scrivener and to one another.  I read tutorials, I tested out the programs, I created a partial story to try out the software’s functionality… I even took screenshots.

Then I compiled them all and compared them, and what resulted was the chart…

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