The Golden Rule To Writing Like A Pro

*Read In A Movie Voice-over Tone* "What if I told you there was one thing you could do that would change EVERYTHING. Words would fly off the page, stories would form, and you would have a book in a matter of weeks. Your life would change and all it TAKES! Is five minutes of your... Continue Reading →


Walking Through A Sunken Dream

'Is there life out there, even on Mars?' I was sailing that night. The wind was brisk, the water cold, and the pot of coffee piping like the fires of the sun. It was peaceful on deck that night, 'But where are we going?' That was the question I could not stop asking myself. It was making me almost... Continue Reading →

The Long OverDue Update

I'm Not Dead! (or so you think...) No really, I'm doing just fine. I had a charming Christmas with a full New Year. Thanksgiving was a blast and finals were... finals? Yeah, school can be quite lengthy and take up a ton of time near the end of a term. That was the main reason... Continue Reading →

Happy Thanksgiving 2018

Just wanted to pop on to say, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! If you want a true post to read, I wrote a piece earlier in the week. Get Off Your Phone & Go See Your Family Donatello,

Did You Like The Change?

A little while ago, I changed the theme and the logo for my website. I thought they were looking a little old, and I wanted to freshen things up. Well, it's been a while since I made that change. What do you guys think? I know sometimes when a websites changes, it can make me... Continue Reading →

The Incisive “Did You Vote?”

The Incisive "Did You Vote?" A Story Walking down the internet highway, or even the regular highway for that matter, it is hard not to know what time of year it is. There are signs, calendars, posters, and a whole array of activists everywhere. They all want you to, "Make it to the polls!" but... Continue Reading →

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